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“Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.”

Technology….! Its not just a word it creates many words as well as questions. This is the body of knowledge devoted to creating tools and innovations maybe in daily basis or in the basis that is gonna change the world beyond your thinking. It is the application of science to solve your problem. But not really….? We have to see that science and technology are two different subjects but closely inter-related. Science only helps the human generation but technology can destroy the wellness of science if thought of that. Let’s see how….?

In today’s world everyone loves to live surrounded by technology, and to be honest it should be. Technology is making everything easier and easier. Its in our human behavior to live the live to fullest in easiest manner. But there is a big result to it which maximum time is negative. Technology offers us so very much and yet don’t always need. That which offers us so very much and yet takes away in equal measure.

When it comes to learning to live in a world dominated by technology, we are opening ourselves up to a world of opening ourselves up to a world dominated by technology we are opening ourselves up to a world of opportunity, collection, experience and learning at a pace and scale unprecedented.

As people and parents of digital age our role is to help our children ensure that the  technology, the internet, the social media and their devices remain as a servant to them, and not their master.

When technology is a master….

  • We don’t know when to put away the device.
  • We bully others as away to work through our own issues and lack of wellbeing
  • We are bullied
  • We can’t put down the game controller to come to the dinner table
  • We use the screen to anonymously hurt and harass
  • We constantly look for loopholes in someone’s status update to get ourselves heard
  • We measurer our self worth by the accumulation of likes, comments and shares
  • We compare
  • We disrespects others and ourselves

We need technology to be servant and not our master, and of course we want that for our children to experience elements from both sides of ledgers. But being aware of good and bad influence is imperative in order to make a change.

This is why we need to teach kids the skills and the behaviors to get the balance right. To maximize the great stuff, whilst minimizing that which threatens to overwhelm.

I know that our understanding of the technology and our connection with our children allows us to achieve that which good for whole world.




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