• Krafton is each set to launch its coming- generation battle royale sport
    PUBG New State
    hereafter (November 11). Pre-registration for the game is formerly live on both
    and iOS. Before the sanctioned unearthing of the game, then’s everything you need to know about it.

PUBG New State-Launch details

  1. Krafton will be launching the game encyclopedically on November 11 930 am IST. The game will be available to download soon after the launch on both Android and iOS via Google Play Store and Apple App Store independently.
    PUBG New State-Pre-registrations rewards
  2. Although it’s a couple of hours left for the launch of the game, thepre-registration for the game is still stay and the inventor is also offering a limited
    . Vehicle Skin
    ( endless) to all who havepre-registered for the game.


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