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New Samsung mobile “Galaxy S11” that’s expected to be released in early 2020 could come with a camera that has 108-megapixels, according to a reliable gadget.

Samsung had already announced a 108 megapixels camera module back in July, but it was not clear when it would feature in the company’s smartphones.

For Most smartphones typically have between 12- and 20-megapixel cameras.

High megapixel counts do not necessarily use better photos Google – and apple use 12-megapixel cameras on your smartphone, and they are the best smartphone cameras you can currently find.

Unlike Apple and Google, Samsung is going the hardware route to achieve better performance with its next smartphone camera. One of the main benefits Samsung about its 108-megapixel cameras.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Series Screen Sizes full 4K tipped, to Launch in Feb.2020

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

Smartphones in 2020. But Samsung starting a mass of a thing. The new Galaxy Note 10 may look stunning but its missing crucial features and Samsung’s handling of the Galaxy fold 2. We know that it’s not just Motorola, even the south Korean tec gain Samsung is geared up with the second foldable phone. So, unlike the fold, which is designed and new technology to be the phone morphs into a table. Furthermore, the Galaxy fold-high Profile problems Samsung is fully committed to this next-gen model. So, mass production will as soon as November and a commercial launching is expected in early 2020. Galaxy 11 with complete bezel-less display ad Galaxy F2 with the foldable interface. 2020 is going to be truly coming year for Samsung smartphones.

Samsung Smartphone another foldable phone design while we still await the Galaxy Fold

The color renderings based on the patent that you see in easy foldable abd new design.

The new Samsung design enables the phone to fold in half horizontally.

Samsung Teases Foldable Flip Phone Design

Xiaomi Mix Alpha

side screen” is becoming mainstream, as we prepare for a new paradigm of mobile phones. YouTube channel AndroidLeo has come up with a concept Samsung phone, which they call Samsung Galaxy Edge II


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